Consider a second chance

Do you find yourself at times in desperate need of a second chance? Maybe you have hurt a loved one, you messed up a friendship or you really blew the opportunity at work you have waited for too long?

There are some good news and bad news I need to tell you.

Well, the good news is that we serve a God of second chances. The bad news is that we sometimes forget it.

Because God is so great, He saved us by grace. That is not of our own doing but because of Jesus’ selfless love on the Cross. A love I find difficult to comprehend but eternally grateful for.

A sacrifice that gave us eternity. He forgave us our sins – past, present and future. The consequence of His mercy towards us.

And so we received a second chance. At life. At love. At eternity.

When was the last time you showed someone mercy, giving them a second chance?

It is a choice you make – someone has done you wrong and you choose willingly to show them mercy by forgiving them and giving them a clean slate with you.

It is about not giving them the bad consequences they deserve (mercy) but rather giving them the good consequences they do not deserve (grace). It is not about deserving, but all about being willing to forgive. You let go of your hurt and pride and leave what has happened in the past and provide a future – where you can share again in the love and forgiveness of Christ.

God’s grace towards us in Jesus gives us the opportunity to have a relationship with Him today. He doesn’t hold our mistakes against us, as He already took every bad thing we deserve away from us and forgave us through His mercy and we gained access to every good thing we do not deserve by His grace through His act of love.

Do you find more space for yourself to breathe knowing the grace you are allowed to walk in?

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Blessings in Him,

Maretha Retief


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