Give up and hand it over

Do you manage through a day without worrying about something or someone? Do you sometime wreck your brain worrying about your kids and the struggles they go through, your job and its heavy demands, your finances and where you are going to get it from, your marriage and making time for each other?

They are all valid concerns. But, apart from losing sleep over it and probably causing headaches, stress and putting you in an irritable mood, what had worrying about it benefit you in any way?

Jesus showed us the way to go. He had concerns, just like us, but He did not lose any sleep over it. For example while He was in the boat with His followers, a raging storm began across the sea, but He slept through it (Matthew 8:23-27). The fact that lives were in danger did not unsettle Him because He knew who was looking after Him and who was in control … His Father.┬áHe woke up and calmed the storm not for His own sake but for the sake of those with Him.

When He had moments that He needed to talk to someone, He did not turn to man and sought opinions. No, He prayed and spoke to His Father, because He knew that God was the only one who had secure and lasting answers. If Jesus was prepared to not rely on Himself and His wits but on His Father, how much more must we seek God in everything?

If Jesus did nothing without God’s blessing, how much more should we seek God before we even dare to open our eyes each day?

Even in Jesus’ darkest hour He did not freak out. Even though He got scared, He continued to turn to God and follow His guidance. Nothing was more important to Jesus than to remain in fellowship with His Father. Jesus was the perfect example of surrendering everything to God and to turn to Him for everything.

Fears, responsibilities, doubts and concerns will come our way. That is the enemy’s way of stealing our focus away from Jesus and unto our realities and our shortcomings. When we lose sight of Jesus, our struggles feel like mountains and what is not worth getting a second glance from us, keep us awake at night.

It does not have to be that way.

God’s Words give us the way out:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7 NIV)

I urge you to not accept the enemy’s challenge to take care of your own troubles. You cannot. Well, not in a way that will prosper your life and turn out for your good. But if you dare to give up the fight on your own and surrender it all to Jesus, you are in for a show-down of Grace.

Watch Him as He turns you tears into joy, your sleepless night into divine visitations and your concerns into prayers and blessings, your ashes into beauty, your setbacks into stepping stones and losses into gains.

Give up life by yourself and your ways. Hand over every concern, every moment of every day as you pray: “Jesus, I give [this] to you. I cannot deal with it. Thank you for taking care of it and making it work out for my good”.

If Jesus cannot take care of your struggles, no-one can, including you!

Maretha Retief

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