Your Undiscovered Family

by Maretha Retief

Would you grab the opportunity to make a difference?

When you look at the picture of families today, what do you see? Joy, stability, love; or destruction pain and brokenness? If you were given the opportunity to make a difference, even if it is only for yourself or your own family, would you grab that opportunity?

In Your Undiscovered Family, you will find the way to become part of a unit that is stronger than any storm that may come across your path. You will see the undiscovered family you already belong to and into which you were chosen even before your existence.

You will begin to understand that because of Jesus in your life, you will find joy in spite of your sadness, you will have hope even when all you face is despair, you will have strength in the midst of trials and you will find your place not only in your family, but also in your life as you continue to seek Him.